All you need to know about proxy servers

All you need to know about proxy servers

A computer that acts as an interceder between the client’s PC and the Internet is known as the proxy server. It enables client’s computer to make indirect connections with other network administrations. Client’s computer connect to the proxy server asking for a few assets like site pages, diversions, recordings, mp3, eBooks, whatever other resources which are accessible from different servers over Internet. As soon as the request is received, the proxy server will look for the resources from the cache in its local hard disk.

Once you know what a proxy server is, here are some potential purposes listed:

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  1. It is mainly used for security purposes. It hides the IP address of client’s computer so it can surf anonymously.
  2. It speeds up Internet surfing. The requests from client’s computer will be received by proxy server first. Since the server has cached the resources in its local hard disk previously, the feedback is received more quickly.
  3. It is used to blocked undesired sites. Many workplaces and schools want to put restrictions on accessing several websites. Proxy servers are used to do so.
  4. It is even used for data leak protection. It scans the outbound content.

These were some of the benefits. However, there are several type of proxy servers as well. Here are the most common ones listed:

Anonymous proxy:

These servers are used to conceal your information. When you request something from the page, it gets the IP address of proxy server rather than using your own. The server cannot access your IP address and communication between you and the proxy server also adopts encryption. This can maximize security and protection.

High anonymity proxy:

These types do not identify themselves as proxy servers. It also doesn’t make the original IP address available.

Transparent proxy:

As it sounds, these proxy servers are transparent. An example of this would be of a server which simply forwards the request to resource without any concealment of information. These types are not generally desired by people

Reverse proxy:

These servers are commonly used to pass requests from the Internet to isolated private networks through firewalls. It is used as a preventive measure avoiding clients to have unmonitored access to private data on isolated networks or the Intranet. It can also lessen the network traffic.

There are several proxy server software as well to build your own proxy server. CCProxy is one of them. All you have to do is install the proxy server, create accounts for client computers on proxy servers and adjust the setting according to your own preference. Having your own proxy server can be highly beneficial as discussed above.

Given the development in the area of IT, we are leading towards better advancements. Proxy servers are one of them which has enabled users to use the Internet more safely promoting anonymity. It has some similarities to VPN although it is a complete different thing offering more benefits over it.